Couture made to order for dancesport dresses

SASUEL-costume designs dresses are specially designed after the clients wishes and desires: from design, choosing the right fabric, crystal and feather decorations, all thoroughly worked to receive the costume of your dreams.

We can help you decide on the color and the design that suits you, considering your body type style of dance and yor age. Our designers persist on seeking for high quality new fabrics, decorations, to improve every step the costumes for you, in this way we create trully unique garments for those who want to stand out!

Step 1: Choosing the design

At this stage we offer you 2-4 of our sketches to choose from, all designed by our experienced designers, which can be done through mail, or by phone, also here we set the budget and the delivery time for your costume. After receiving your measurements, we will send you a last sketch to make sure that everything is as you desire, and after your confirmation the dress/costume reaches the production phase.

Step 2: Fitting and decoration

We do not necessarily need a fitting, if you carefully filled out your measurements, we can create the costume that will fit you perfectly.

If there are minor modifications needed which you can solve locally and the fee of which is not significant, we appreciate it if you are having it done locally. If severe modifications are needed, e.g. the built in bodice has to be changed or the skirt is too short and therefore has to be replaced etc. we agree to take back the gown for adjustment. In this case we will pay an additional one way shipment, i.e Romania to your country.

Usually this kind of alteration is not needed any more, we are having the torso length, total length and skirt length of each dress checked twice before the dressmaker starts to make the dress. (It is recommended to take these measurements very carefully!).

Prices differ with the gross of crystals mainly

Payment and delivery:

To ensure the reliability and good cooperation, we require 50% of order value in advance, the money can be transferred to our bank account, and the difference will be paid before we send out the package.

The price of each dress is determined according to the complexity of the work and the amount of crystals used. We are able to achieve extraordinary dresses in superior quality, even on a smaller budget.

Contact us for an estimated price any time at +40 746051379, or